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Putting on a show like no other

Helps theatres and entertainment businesses navigate through the digital era. We’re helping the entertainment industry adopt innovative approaches and new technologies to deliver an experience today’s attendees expect.

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Giving attendee’s the choice.

Our Reserved Seating System has helped rapidly modernise theatre booking. Organisers can bring their venue to life by creating an interactive seating chart with tiered ticket pricing. Customers can view in real time the seats available and purchase seated tickets from within the seating chart. By unlocking the ability to select seats online, venues have seen reduced costs and optimised the customer experience.

Boosting revenues with product upsell.

We’ve made it possible for venues to list their entire experience packages online. Our system allows venues to list additional extras to claim on arrivals such as VIP reception, merchandise, or food and drink. This functionality allows venues to deploy upselling and cross-selling strategies to earn more revenue from existing customers.

Streamlining traffic flow.

We’ve helped entertainment venues develop, manage, and modernise entry to their venues. Our multi-level access control solution allows venues to admit customers by simply scanning their e-tickets. The capacity management technology alleviates the pressure on door staff and reduces queueing throughout the site.

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